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Lee Penney, the original founder, set up List Books to allow anyone to sell their second-hand books online. When he went online to sell his own books, he saw that there were several places where he could list his books, but they charged too much in monthly fees and sales commissions or they hadpoor functionality. So Lee decided to build a site so anyone wanting to sell his or her own books without incurring fees could do so. In 2010, Lee decided to sell his website to pursue other interests. Since the acquisition of List Books, the site has gone through many development enhancements and changes and is now owned by and operated by http://buyandsellusedbooks.co.uk.

The owners of Buy and Sell Used Books have invested a great deal of money and time in enhancing the functionality of the site and are dedicated to providing both buyers and sellers of books with the best user experience. Upgrades such as batch file uploading of existing inventory files so sellers can list their items quicker and a more enhanced account and product management module will help our members better manage his or her inventory. Buy and Sell Used Books has now began online marketing activities to further attract more buyers and sellers to the site so it continues to become more useful to everyone and increase sales for our Book Sellers. Due to all the new changes and enhancements we will now be charging a small fee to all Sellers to simply keep up with the site maintenance.

We value your membership and are here to assist you in any way possible. If you do encounter any technical issues or feel we can improve your user experience we would love to here from you. Please feel free to contact support@buyandsellusedbooks.co.uk.

Thank you
Buy & Sell Used Books Management Team

Friends of List Books

The following sites have been very supportive of List Books and deserve a "Thanks". If anyone else out there is working hard to promote List Books and would like a link, drop me a line.


How do I buy a book?

Buying books from BuyandSellUsedBooks.co.uk is easy. Browse or search for the author and title of the book you want, and if you find that a seller or many sellers have the book, then you can choose the copy that suits your needs. Click on the Buy link on any item, and you will be directed to a page where you can fill in your name and email address. When you are finished entering in the required information, then press SEND.

The website will send an email to the seller with the details that you provided.

The seller will then get back to you to confirm the item is still for sale and state the options they offer for accepting payment. You (the buyer) then pay for the book, either by sending a cheque (for offline payments) or via an online payment service such as PayPal/Nochex, depending on the seller.

Once payment is received, the seller will post the book to you. Once they've done this, they should mark the item as sent and you will receive an email (to the email address you used to contact the seller) telling you the book has been dispatched.

There will also be a link in this email for you to click when you receive the book. This link will take you to a page, which allows you to provide feedback on the seller.

Beginning in 2012, the option to register a buyer account will be made available and we encourage everyone to sign up for a no-cost account where you can store your contact information and other preferences to save you time when you visit the site again.

How is condition judged?

  • Excellent: As new condition, barely marked, if at all.
  • Good: Slight marks, signs that it has been read.
  • Normal: Well used, but looked after.
  • Poor: Usable, but only just.

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Why sell your old books?

Selling books that you have read or no longer need can offset the expense of buying the next batch of books that you are interested in. Many people are looking for books to read and don't want to pay the high prices for new books so being able to buy your used books at reduced prices is more affordable.

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How is postage calculated?

It is up to the Seller to determine the appropriate amount to charge for any orders you receive based on where you have to mail the item, the weight and the preferred method of shipping chosen by the buyer.

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How much does it cost to list a book?

Since the website was started, there has been no charge at all to list or sell books on Buyandsellusedbooks.co.uk. However, with all the new enhanced functionalities, faster uploading of inventory files, and other marketing initiatives to bring more Buyers to the site, we will be charging a small monthly fee to help us maintain and service this website. Buyandsellusedbooks.co.uk is determined to improve the website for all users, and we are serious about keeping the cost for users to a minimum.

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How long are books listed for?

The books are listed for as long as the Seller maintains his or her monthly membership.

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Why use Buyandsellusedbooks.co.uk?

There are a number of other websites available for people who want to sell their books, such as www.abebooks.com (www.abebooks.co.uk), www.alibris.com (www.alibris.co.uk) and www.biblio.com (www.biblio.co.uk) as well as Amazon and eBay and many others. However, you will notice that these other websites have much higher listing fees, monthly fees and/or sales commissions.

With Buyandsellusedbooks.co.uk, there has been no fee or commission since the website was started. However, due to significant feedback and questions from existing registered users of the website that some enhanced functionalities would be appreciated on the website to enable faster uploading of inventory files, and other marketing features, We have complied with these requests to ensure our members are satisfied with the use of the site and are now charging a minimal fee to help maintain the site for all users.

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Who built this site?

Lee Penney founded the website but has sold the website which is now taken over by Buyandsellusedbooks.co.uk. We would like to provide an online marketplace for those interested in buying and selling books without having to incur any commissions for selling your second hand books online.

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How do I list my books?

Complete the Registration Form and press the validation link in the Confirmation Email that will be sent to your email address after submitting the Registration Form. Once you are signed into your account, you can fill in the informational fields about yourself or bookselling business, and then you can start to list your books.

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How long does it take for my books to appear on the site?

As a member, any new listings appear instantly.

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Is my information secure on Buyandsellusedbooks.co.uk?

Your personal details are contained within a secure website on a secure server. Buyandsellusedbooks.co.uk does not and will not sell or give your information to any third party. Emails from our website will include important updates, the optional monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to, and emails about any orders that you have placed or received on the website.

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What guarantees do I have conducting transactions on the Buyandsellusedbooks.co.uk website?

This website is an online marketplace for sellers and buyers of books. Transactions are conducted between independent parties. Buyandsellusedbooks.co.uk will pay attention to the activities conducted on the website. We will investigate any member (buyer or seller) that has repeated complaints lodged against it, and will even suspend or close these accounts. One of the enhancements that we have made to the website is a buyer/seller rating system so that other users of the website can see whether previous parties were happy or unhappy with a particular buyer or seller. As for financial transactions, PayPal has its built-in "Guarantee" system and so do the major credit cards. If your transaction was made via one of the recommended online payment services, please raise any disputes with them directly.

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What do I do if my order doesn't arrive?

If you do not receive an item please start by contacting the seller. If they are unresponsive, then please contact support@buyandsellusedbooks.co.uk so that we may follow-up with that seller. You can always contact your payment service (your bank or PayPal) and have the payment cancelled or returned. Please note Buyandsellusedbooks.co.uk is not and does not take any responsibility or is held liable for all transactions made between Buyer and Seller.

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How do I complain?

If you have a complaint about a specific user (and you have already tried contacting them directly) then please send support@buyandsellusedbooks.co.uk an email with specific details and we will decide whether to suspend their account or not (after hearing their side of events). For other complaints, please contact support@buyandsellusedbooks.co.uk and we will address them immediately.

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I've forgotten my password/username, what do I do?

As long as you remember the email address you signed up with you can simply use the visit the password reminder page and have your username and reset password emailed to you.

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I've forgotten my password/username, what do I do?

As long as you remember the email address you signed up with you can simply use the visit the password reminder page and have your username and reset password emailed to you.

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I can't login, what could be the problem?

The user authentication system for the admin section uses cookies which are stored on your machine to confirm who you are, disabling cookies in you browser will stop this from working and you will not be able to login and use the admin section. Some privacy/spyware tools, which are designed to block or manage cookies, can also cause problems. Cookies are not dangerous and provide very little information about you, so allowing them in your browser should not be an issue for you. If you are skeptical about them then you can click here to find out more about cookies.

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